If you are presently working with a number of ingredients, a Fine-Mix™ formulation could offer you substantial savings on ingredient and labor costs

custom_formalutionWith over 100 years of experience, Clofine Dairy & Food Products has earned the reputation as a trusted supplier of industrial food ingredients. We offer our own line of custom formulated products. These products are both functional and cost-effective for bakery, snack food, frozen dessert, cheese, beverage, confectionery and nutritional applications. There are standard formulations available or, we will work with you to formulate a product for your specific applications. Pricing can be quoted on a spot basis; or to eliminate price fluctuations in your ingredient costs, we also offer fixed pricing on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

We have manufacturing facilities available for spray drying, dry blending, lecithinating and agglomerating. USDA, Grade A, kosher and third-party approved processing facilities are all available.

Fine-Mix™ Standard and Custom Formulations

  • Packaging – customized from pouches to tote bags
  • Private labeling of your products available
  • Centralized, high volume purchasing means cost savings for our customers
  • In-house logistics department to direct both domestic and international deliveries
  • Distribution centers strategically located throughout the United States for our LTL customers

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