grain_product_image1In the early 1980’s, Clofine Dairy & Food Products became one of the first companies to explore alternatives in dried soy technology. Over time, Clofine has expanded our soy lines, which now include full and low fat flour, roasted and enzyme active grits, expeller and refined soy oils. Our lines also include textured soy proteins in various sizes, color and flavor profiles. As innovators before genetic modification was an issue, all our soymilk and tofu powders are non-GMO, and processed under kosher pareve supervision without using harsh chemicals. We can also provide organic certifications for the health conscience company. With the FDA lending its approval to soy’s health benefits, Clofine Dairy has witnessed an explosion in soy interest and expects this trend to continue.

In addition to our grain products line, vital wheat gluten, maltodextrin, soy isolates, soy blends and basic soy flours have been added. Clofine Dairy & Food Products constantly strives to develop technologically advanced ingredients that will enhance our existing product mix.

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